Nature Field Guides

Field Guide to Mangrove Ecosystem of Greater Mumbai ( bilingual)

We believe in simplifying scientific information for easy understanding by one and all. In this endeavor we developed  foldable field guides with 5-folds. This includes 40 species of plants and animals found in mangroves of Greater Mumbai. This is a bilingual field guide developed in English and Hindi. 

Client : United Way Mumbai

Project Duration : Nov 2016- Jun 2017

Field Guide on Butterflies and Birds of Govardhan Eco-village

This includes 30 species of butterflies and birds each found in and around Govardhan Ecovillage. 

Client : ISKCON

Project Duration : Oct - Dec 2017

Field Guide to Wildflowers of Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Besides we are developing a book on which underprocess. The book will cover 100 common species of wildflowers found throughout the year. The final draft is getting finalized. 

Client:  Maharashtra Forest Dept.

Project Duration: Oct 2016- present

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