Nature Field Guides


Field Guide to Mangrove Ecosystem of Greater Mumbai ( bilingual)

We believe in simplifying scientific information for easy understanding by one and all. In this endeavor we developed  foldable field guides with 5-folds. This includes 40 species of plants and animals found in mangroves of Greater Mumbai. This is a bilingual field guide developed in English and Hindi. 

Client : United Way Mumbai

Project Duration : Nov 2016 - Jun 2017

The marathi version is under preparation.


Field Guide on Butterflies and Birds of Govardhan Eco-village

This includes 30 species of butterflies and birds each found in and around Govardhan Ecovillage. 

Client : ISKCON

Project Duration : Oct - Dec 2017


Field Guide to Wildflowers of Sanjay Gandhi National Park

We have successfully completed the development of Field Guide to Common Wildflowers of Sanjay Gandhi National Park.Authored by Isaac Kehimkar and Dr. V. Shubhalaxmi, this book was developed for Forest Department who will be publishing this book. Our technical expert has been Dr. Rajendra Shinde. The 100-page book includes detailed account of 100 species of wildflowers which are commonly seen throughout the park during the year. The content for each species includes ethanobotany as well as ecological information besides botanical. The technical jargon is kept to minimum. We have also included the possible location of these flowers within the park. 

Client:  Maharashtra Forest Dept.

Project Duration: Oct 2016- Nov 2018


Birdwing Field Guide to Indian Moths

The field guide is meant for beginners therefore the language used is non-technical. It features descriptions of 773 species from 37 micro and macro moth families depicted in 156 colour plates. 

More than 1000 colour photographs of moths have been used. 

This is our first publication under our own publishing vertical- Birdwing Publishers