Nizampet Lake Rehabilitation Project


Nizampet Lake situated in Hyderabad is a man-made lake which measures approx. 3.5 ha (35900 sq. m) with a circumference of approx. 800 m (2600 ft). This Lake forms an integral part of the community ecosystem in Nizampet village and surrounding. Nizampet Lake/Sriramkunta Cheruvu has been adopted by Wells Fargo Indian Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (WFS) in partnership with local NGO ‘Youth for Seva’ (YFS) for the lake conservation. Ladybird Environmental Consulting LLP (LEC) was roped in for its environmental expertise required for the project. This is an 18 month project period (August 2018- January 2020) which is largely focused on developing green belt around the lake and improving it’s the lake ecology. •

 Nizampet lake rehabilitation project has completed its one year and the changes we see is incredible. The once barren lake is covered with greenery now all around. In one year we planted over 6000 plants which have grown well. The lake where rarely walkers u should to visit has now become one of the favorite walking point in  the Nizampet area with almost 300 footfall everyday. Also, one can observe different species of birds and butterflies around the lake which definitely makes it attractive. Notably, plants and trees are the core of our ecosystem...they can change our lives like they changed Nizampet lake.

Project Overview

LOCATION: Hyderabad

PROJECT DURATION: August 2018- January 2020.

PROJECT PARTNER:  Youth for Seva

FUNDING AGENCY:  Wells Fargo Indian Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 


1. Increase in the green cover 

2. Increase in the local biodiversity 

3. Improvement in the water and soil quality.

4. Increase in awareness about the lake among  the citizens.

5. Fulfillment of Biodiversity Aichi Target no. 1, 5, 14

Project Interrventions



  • Baseline Survey
  • Lake Perception Surveys
  • Biodiversity surveys 
  • Soil and water analysis

Biodiversity Plantation


  • Ground preparation
  • Plantation of 5150 bird, butterfly, bat and bee attracting plants ( herbs, shrubs, trees)
  • Installation of drip irrigation system

Lake Management


  • Appointment of project team
  • Declaring open-close hours for the lake
  • Establishing project office inside lake
  • Controlling all ant-lake activities.

Signage Development


  • 25 bilingual signages on local birds and trees. 
  • 125 plant signages for butterfly attracting plants 

Employee Engagement


  • Wells Fargo employees volunteer in plantation, clean up and plantation maintenance works of periodic basis.

Community Engagement


  • Formed whatsapp and Facebook group of local communities
  • Conducting monthly lake safaris.
  • Conducting monthly Birdwatch program.

Project Updates



We recorded increase in butterfly diversity from 11 to 32 species and from 13 to 50 species of birds. Our monthly bird count recorded 150 birds using the lake area.

The soil analysis revealed that the soil is strongly alkaline in nature hence recommended continuous mulching  and adding manure to the plantation sites.

Water analysis indicated the water where idols are immersed is low pH (acidic water) & high Total Dissolved Solids due to the idol immersion. Therefore an immersion tank is being constructed to avoid deterioration of the water furth



Most of the plants outside the boundary and along the lake shores were well established. We have planted 150 shore plants There are 57 plantation beds wherein we planted 1832 plants. Several species started flowering. The plantation is not only supporting the environment but also supporting the local biodiversity of the lake. 

Visitors now spot various different types of birds and butterflies in and around the lake. There were few plants which were not growing well and  died. To compensate the loss of these plants at lake we did re-plantation of some species.

Signage Development


We developed 25 bilingual signage which includes; 12 for trees and 13 bird signage. Also 125 plant signages for host and nectar plants were developed. These signage will help in creating awareness about local birds and trees in and around the lake. The content is scientific yet simple language is used. Each has a common English and Telugu name, scientific name is given in English only. Among trees, flower and fruiting season is mentioned along with its medicinal as well as ecological functions. Among birds, information related to their flight period, whether they are migratory and whether the species faces any threats.

Employee Engagement Programmes


Employee engagement programmes were conducted for the Employees of Wells Fargo India Solution Pvt. Ltd. wherein they helped in maintenance of the habitat.

They helped in de-weeding and removing of the invasive species of plants, mulching and loosening of the soil around the plants, doing lake clean-up activity, giving support to the climbers. 

Community Engagement Programmes


So far we conducted four community engagement programmes like nature trails and bird watching programmes  for local citizens and schools students.  

The programme is basically conducted around the lake. A nature trail is conducted wherein all the flora and the fauna of the lake is been explored and the importance of the lake is also been explained.

Free Lake Safaris for Schools


We are conducting free lake tours for local schools and colleges. So far  Four school programmes for 150 students have been conducted. 

Interested schools/colleges may contact us for free tours. The details are given below:

Duration: 1.5 hours

Days: Mondays- Saturdays

Medium of instruction: English and Hindi


August-October 2019

Hyderabad’s Nizampet lake, which is undergoing rehabilitation process, has remarkably shown positive development over time. The plantations that we did during the first quarter has grown well and has made a beautiful green cover around the lake inviting several species of birds and butterflies. Butterfly diversity increased from 11 to 32 species while bird diversity increased from 13 to 50 species. In the fourth quarter, we did additional plantation of over 350 fountain grass. We also tried involving the community people by  asking them to make 250 seed balls for plantation purpose. In our latest survey up to 2% plant mortality rate was calculated. On 24th October 2019 the Nizampet lake rehabilitation project was handed over to the people of Bhandari layout.