Nizampet Lake Rehabilitation Project


Nizampet Lake which was once a serene lake in green environs have a different story to tell today. The lake is bombarded with waste materials and pollutants which is killing the aquatic life that survives in the lake. Also, the lake surroundings is full of unbearable stench. This Nizampet lake needs urgent attention and proper conservation.

And from here our work starts:

We, the Ladybird Environmental Consulting team has launched the Nizampet lake project, to rehabilitate the lake as well as work on beautification of its surroundings.

The overall goal of the proposed project is to transform the deteriorating Nizampet Lake through habitat improvement initiatives. We will carry out lake clean up and strengthening activities along with shore protection measures through afforestation.

We will make the pathways beautiful with plantation. We will also increase awareness about lake among the locals and inspire them to help us in its beautification. This is a 18 month project and we hope to achieve what we have set out to do.

With its motto 'Help people in helping environment' Ladybird Environmental Consulting is all set to carry its Nizampet lake project to its peak.

In partnership with Wells Fargo Solutions for India, Youth for Seva and Local Municipal Corporations....Ladybird enters into new waters into new territory. 

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LOCATION: Hyderabad

PROJECT DURATION: August 2018- Januray 2020.


1. Increase in the green cover 

2. Increase in the local biodiversity 

3. Improvement in the water and soil quality.

4. Increase in awareness about the lake among  the citizens.

5. Fulfillment of Biodiversity Aichi Target no. 1, 5, 14

volunteer for lake

Project Activities


  • Baseline Survey
  • Lake Perception Surveys
  • Biodiversity surveys 
  • Soil and water analysis

Biodiversity Plantation

  • Ground preparation
  • Plantation of 5150 bird, butterfly, bat and bee attracting plants ( herbs, shrubs, trees)
  • Installation of drip irrigation system

Lake Management

  • Appointment of project team
  • Declaring open-close hours for the lake
  • Establishing project office inside lake
  • Controlling all ant-lake activities.

Signage Development

  • 13 Tree bilingual signage
  • 12 Bird bilingual signage

Employee Engagement

  • Wells Fargo employees volunteer in plantation, clean up and plantation maintenance works of periodic basis.

Community Engagement

  • Formed whatsapp and Facebook group of local communities
  • Conducting monthly lake safaris.