About Us

Biodiversity Company

Ladybird Environmental Consulting is a social enterprise established in 2014 as Limited Liability Company. We came into business only to help people in helping environment. Therefore we believe in being agents of change, challenge status quo and innovate to serve environment effectively. We are specialists in environmental CSR (corporate social responsibility) and nature conservation. We exclusively work with largely listed companies and government departments in desining and executing environmental projects which largely have flavour of biodiversity.  

Our Journey so far

In a short journey of 3 years, we have following achievements: 

  • Clients & Partners: 26 clients (17 corporates, 5 Govt., 4 NGOs) and 20 partners. 
  • Target Reach: Through our outreach programmes we have reached out to more than 4500 people. 
  • Butterfly Habitats: So far we developed 13 butterfly habitats (4), gardens (5), Parks (3). Altogether in all our sites we planted 47250 saplings. 
  • Employee Engagement Programmes: We conducted over 75 programmes in eight cities.
  • Naturebased Mobile Apps: We developed four naturebased mobile apps (iButterflies, iTrees, iNaturewatch Birds, eForestrails-SGNP) 
  • Wildlife Training Workshops: We conducted three major training for forest departments.
  • Awards:  We are part of the winning team of the Makeover Design Competition of Maharashtra Nature Park in Mumbai. 
  • Publications: We have also Field Guide on Greater Mangroves, two are underprocess; Field Guide to Wildflowers of Sanjay Gandhi National Park and Field Guide to Indian Moths. 
  • Nature Exhibition Development: We developed a full range of outdoor exhibits and signage on birds and butterflies for Govardhan Eco-village in Maharashtra.

Biodiversity Professionals

We are a small team with big aspirations. Dr. V.Shubhalaxmi is the founder and Mr. Isaac Kehimkar is the co-founder. Both are stalwarts in the field of biodiversity specially entomology.They are joined by young all girl team most of whom started as freshers but all holding Masters in Environmental Sciences degree.

Our Team and their profiles

Dr. V. Shubhalaxmi, Founder & Director

Mr. Isaac Kehimkar, Co-founder & Partner

Ms. Priti Choghale, Projects Manager

Ms. Wilma D'cunha, Environment Officer

Join our Network

Environmental Professionals may write to us if they wish to work with us. Also nomination for establishing butterfly gardens in community/public/educational sites could also be sent here.

Ladybird Environmental Consulting LLP

Shop 4, Ambika Heritage, Plot 1, Sector-1, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, MH 410210, IN