Butterfly Zones by Ladybird


In 4 years, 15 zones in 4 states with approx.60000 plantation ( 2 Butterfly Parks, 4 Butterfly Gardens, 9 Butterfly Habitats) .


Eight School Butterfly Gardens i

 Starting from November 2019, we will be setting up  8 butterfly gardens in 8 different schools, throughout the 8  major cities of India. The project is executed in collaboration with United Way Mumbai, supported by FedX . All butterfly gardens will be set up by January 2020. In each garden, the FedX employees will be planting 100 butterfly friendly plants. The respective schools will be taking care of these plants.

Completed Projects

Sacred Heart High School


  • Location: Sacred Heart High School, Vashi
  • Funding Agency:  Videojet Technologies India Pvt. Ltd  
  • Site/ NGO  Partner: Sacred Heart High School
  • Project Duration: October 2016- September 2017
  • No of plants: 150 saplings of host plants and nectar plants.

This was the first butterfly garden developed in the urban city of Navi-Mumbai. The garden was developed to increase the local butterfly diversity and to help the students in learning the environment closely. We also conducted butterfly awareness  programmes for the school students throughout  the year and the teaching staff was also oriented with the garden. Quarterly review of the plants and increased in the butterfly species was also carried out wherein we recorded 100% plant survival rate and the butterflies species had increased to 10 species from 1  that was recorded during the preliminary survey. 




  • Location:  National Society For Equal Opportunities For Handicapped, Chembur East, Mumbai
  • Funding Agency:  United Way Mumbai 
  • Site/ NGO  Partner: NASEOH
  • Project Duration: November 2016
  • No of plants: 100 saplings of host plants and nectar plants.

 Our fifth Butterfly Garden in collaboration with the United Way Mumbai. 16 employees from Deloitte helped in establishing the Butterfly Garden at the National Society for Equal Opportunities for the Handicapped (NASEOH), Chembur, Mumbai. 150 butterfly attracting plants; of 15 species that included host plants and nectar plants, were planted. Signages of the plants describing its name, type and  medicinal properties, were also installed.

Tata Serein



  • Location: Tata Serein, Thane
  • Funding Agency:  Tata Housing Developing Company
  • Site/ NGO  Partner: Tata Serein
  • Project Duration: October 2016
  • No of plants: 1000 saplings of host plants and nectar plants.

 This was a short term consultancy project of developing a butterfly garden to demonstrate the sustainable development principles followed by THDC. We are happy to contribute to the real estate industry in a meaningful way. The project concept was based on Wellness and Environment.  As part of the project, we developed a butterfly garden by planting 1000 butterfly attracting plants. We also developed a short video on the ‘Role of butterflies in our lives’. This video is the first documentation describing the impact of butterflies on human health. 

Urban Haat



  • Location: Urban Haat, CBD Belapur
  • Funding Agency:  Videojet Technologies India Pvt. Ltd  
  • Site/ NGO  Partner: CIDCO
  • Project Duration: October 2015- September 2018
  • No of plants: 100 saplings of host plants and nectar plants.

 A tree plantation project was implemented by Videojet Technologies Pvt. Ltd in collaboration with United Way of Mumbai, wherein 100 saplings were planted for creating a butterfly garden at Urban Haat, Navi Mumbai. The aim of this three year project was to support butterfly conservation. 99% of sapling survival rate and 28 butterfly species were observed in the garden during the survey. The Plants are maintained well by CIDCO. Apart from butterflies; insects like dragonfly, praying mantis, plant hopper, eggs of bugs and tiger moth pupa were also observed.  (See video)