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Supporting Biodiversity through Treeplantation

Corporate Employee Volunteering Programmes

Engaging your employees environmentally....

Employees of Bank of America built a Bug Hotel in Aarey Colony in Mumbai

 We provide customized employee volunteering opportunities across major cities in the field of environment. We tie up with local NGOs for execution of such activities.

We offer following half/full day activities: 

Tree plantation  | Clean-up drives (lakes, public parks, forest tracks) | Deweeding | Seed collection | Kitchen Gardening | Development of animal shelter | Tree tagging | Nature trail development | Bund-building | Contour bunding for water conservation I Building Insect Homes-Bug Hotel I Floating Wetland I Developing Pollinator Garden I Developing Bird Homes I Workshop on Seedballs


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We make it fun for teams to bond

Employees of Morgan Stanley deeply engrossed during the Kitchen Gardening  Workshop held in Bangalor

Our indoor sessions start with a short presentation but sooner all volunteers could be seen working on their work tables. We ensure the volunteers work as teams. 

It's not always about work

Isaac Kehimkar conducting butterfly walk for employee of Bank of America in Aarey Colony, Mumbai.

All our outdoor events start with a tantalizing tour to wild surrounding known as nature trail . So that they develop compassion for the site where they slog to improve.

We are Ladybirds !

Who we are?


Ladybird Environmental Consulting is a social enterprise established in 2014 as Limited Liability Company. We came into business to help people in helping environment. We identify environmental problems and seek corporate  and  govt. agencies support to resolve them. We are specialists in environmental CSR (corporate social responsibility) and nature conservation.  We have highly  trained and dedicated team.

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What we do?


We offer biodiversity services for companies, organizations and govt. agencies.  So we offer corporates with  Employee Volunteering programmes. We also undertake Tree Plantation CSR projects where we develop butterfly habitats. Besides we also conduct biodiversity surveys, conduct wildlife training programmes and development wildlife books and guides.


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What we have done?


Nine butterfly habitats under CSR projects where we planted 47250 saplings. 50 employee engagement programmes pan India. Four naturebased mobile apps, 15 nature exhibits, 50 signages, 2 field guides on mangroves, birds and butterflies. Three major training programmes for forest departments. Part of the winning team of the Makeover Design Competition of Maharashtra Nature Park in Mumbai.

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Planted so far 51330 saplings for birds, bees and butterflies


Chimbai Beach Rejuvenation Project, Mumbai (2019-2021)


We started two year association with United Way Mumbai on their pan India project- Mission Blue. We earlier partnered with them as Knowledge Partner for Mission Mangrove. In Mumbai, we are working with them in Rejuvenation of Chimbai Beach as Knowledge Partner.  Our role is to engage the local community through marine awareness programmes. And also to engage corporate volunteers through interesting citizen science activities of documenting marine biodiversity of the beach and studying the impact of plastic on marine ecosystems. We will be also monitoring the overall project interventions to assess the social impact of the project. 

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CSR Projects

We convert tree plantation CSR projects of corporate clients into Butterfly Habitats


We identify sites where a butterfly habitat could be developed. We enter in to partnership with site partner which could Govt.. NGO or Educational Institutions. We also engage a NGO partner. We develop proposal and pitch ideas to potential clients. We conduct the ground work on getting the project sanctioned which comes to the NGO partner. We then execute the project on behalf of the NGO partner. We do monitoring and reporting for the corporate client on quarterly basis.  Our monitoring and evaluation works include status of plant survival rate and increase in butterfly population at the site. In most of our existing sites we have seen an increase of 10-20% butterfly diversity.

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Employee Volunteers at Project Site

Employees of DCB Bank setting up Butterfly Habitat at Ysusuf Meherali Centre in Tara, Maharashtra.

We design the project execution as well as the maintenance works of the butterfly site keeping the employee engagement component in mind. 

Community Engagement

Isaac Kehimkar interacting with students of Shri Jayeshwar Vidyalaya at Dengachimet in Jawhar.

We also include local community engagement wherein we conduct free butterfly awareness programmes for local schools and colleges. 


Eco-Day of the Month

Celebrating Earth Day

 The Earth and its ecosystems are our home. In order to achieve a just balance among the economic, social, and environmental needs of present and future generations, it is necessary to appreciate the uniqueness of our planet Earth with its incredible biodiversity.  International Mother Earth Day is celebrated every year on 22nd of April to remind each of us that the Earth and its ecosystems provide us with life and sustenance. 

This year the theme is "Protect Our Species". On this day, events are held worldwide to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s natural environment.   


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We offer the following employee volunteering programmes:

1. Seed Ball Making 

2. Seed Collection Drive 

3.Developing Butterfly Habitat 

You could register your Earthday Activity at Earthday Network Portal

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