Tree Plantation for Butterflies


Butterfly Gardens

  1. Setting up butterfly garden is best way to attract butterflies into smaller spaces. It requires around 300 sq.ft. area wherein  around 150-300 plants could be planted. This includes nectar as well as host plants. We also install plant signage for identification of plants. Since there is a greater educational value in such gardens, we offer free butterfly gardens for schools and colleges under CSR projects of various corporates. The employees volunteer to set up the garden and we take care of the site for 1-3 years 


Butterfly Habitats

  1. A habitat is defined as a wild space which supports well-being of a species. Through our tree plantation initiatives we have been creating butterfly habitats where a barren land is transformed into a mini sanctuary for butterflies. This is exclusively done under CSR projects where employees volunteer in plantation. Around 1000 and above saplings are planted. An ideal habitat would need 1/2 acre land. Here too we install plant signages and we also conduct butterfly awareness programmes for the local communities. These habitats are established my the corporate employee volunteers and we take care of the site for 1-3 years. This is best way to care for environment as well as people.


Butterfly Parks

  1. These are highly curated theme parks which usually goes well if established within zoos or national parks/sanctuaries. In addition to the components of butterfly habitats, this involves landscaping and exhibit and diorama installations. Butterfly parks are usually enclosed types wherein the butterfly are bred and released inside the enclosures. We however promote open air butterfly parks which may include a small butterfly observatory structure.  The minimum space requirement for a butterfly park is 2 acres and a minimum plantation 5000 saplings will be required.