Training & Exhibit Development


Wildlife Training Programmes

CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME FOR FOREST PERSONNEL: We conducted two week long training programmes on Landscape Management and Eco-Tourism/Wildlife Management and Conservation for forest department officials at FRI, Dehradun. Client: Training for Technology Transfer. Duration:   Nov 2015, Feb 2016

LEPIDOPTERA TRAINING PROGRAMME FOR FOREST GUARDS:  A four-day training programme was conducted at Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary. Client: Kerala Forest Depart. Date: 3-7  October 2015


Exhibit Development

We developed 15 outdoor exhibits  of various sizes on birds and butterflies found at Govardhan Ecovillage, Maharashtra. These were bilingual exhibits in English and Marathi. The aim of these exhibits is to create awareness about local biodiversity among the tourists visiting the site.

Client: ISKCON

Duration: Oct- Dec 2017


Signage Development

We developed 25 tree signage which were installed in front of trees at Govardhan Ecovillage, Maharashtra. Each signage covered the ecological as well as spiritual stories in bilingual format. Also 25 signage for butterfly attracting plants were also developed. The purpose of these signage were to provide a self-guided nature trail experience to the visitors.

Client: ISKCON

Duration: Oct- Dec 2017