New Initiatives

Ladybird enters into Andhra Pradesh

 We are happy to announce we have been em-paneled as consultants for Climate Change projects under CAMPA in Nellapatu & Pulicat Bird Sanctuary by the Andhra Pradesh Forest Dept. 

Ladybird Turned 5!

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When butterflies gave lift to Ladybird!

 "Hi, I am Ladybird and I am five years old. I was born in Navi Mumbai, I was quite vulnerable as a larva and feared moving out of my space. Then butterflies came to my rescue, they told me they will show me the world on their wings. They carried me from one butterfly garden to another, one butterfly habitat to another and one butterfly park to another. I literally grew among butterflies. The butterflies did the magic of spreading joy through plantation and I wallowed under their glamorous shade. Today when I am five I already have my presence in 11 states. I am all hale and hearty, thanks to the butterflies who gave me wing and made me strong."

This is our story and we profusely thank our clients, partners, vendors, mentors, wellwishers and fans who made our story a reality. They stood strong with us throughout our entrepreneurial journey. A heartfelt BIG THANK YOU !


Our Footprint

 When we started first we were only working in Maharashtra but in 5 years time we expanded our operations in 12 states. This expansion wouldn’t have been possible without the support of local partners. We open-heartedly collaborated with local organisations and individuals, shared our 50% profit with them . What we would have lost in profit was compensated by enriched learning, better branding and healthy network. This model has helped us enormously and we plan to expand further. A big thank you to all our partners 


Longest journey in shortest time

 “If You Want To Walk Fast, Walk Alone. If You Want To Walk Far, Walk Together.”  We truly believed in this quote. We grew gradually so was our network.

Media Coverage


Dr. V. Shubhalaxmi's interview in Sanctuary Asia Magazine

 After working for more than two decades at one of the oldest conservation and research organisations in the country, the Bombay Natural History Society as an educator, this ‘bug lady’ branched out to launch Ladybird Environmental Consulting and iNaturewatch Foundation. Widely acknowledged as the first woman in India to study moths,Dr. V.Shubhalaxmi speaks to Anirudh Nair about the inner purpose that drives her remarkable career. . Click here to read more


Book Release in Bangalore - Coverage by Hindu

Did you know that moths make great mimics? Some moths are notorious for their ability to mimic other animals. Some have evolved to look like less edible insects, such as wasps, tarantulas and the praying mantis, to avoid being eaten, while others even mimic bird droppings. Did you also know that moths are attracted to beer, ale and lager? Facts like these and more about the not so well known Indian moth family were revealed at the book launch of Field Guide to Indian Moths, by Dr. V Shubhalaxmi. The launch took place at Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment recently. Click here to read more


Dr. V. Shubhalaxmi's interview on Day out with a Star

 We are proud to nominate Dr. Shubhalaxmi Vaylure, a celebrated entomologist and environmentalist as our next "Human Star" under "Day out with a Star" platform at . Dr. Subhalaxmi, recently authored a field guide to Indian moths. She is also fondly known as the "Moth Lady of India"!  Click here to know more

Other News


Invitation for Key speaker in Taiwan

We are honored to get invited as key speaker to 2018 2nd International Symposium of Danaine Butterfly Ecological Research and Sustainable Tourism Development organized by Nanhua University, Taiwan which is happening in August 2018. Dr. Shubhalaxmi will be delivering keynote speech on- Creating Butterfly Habitats under Corporate Social Responsibility in India. 


Birdwing Publishers launches its first book!

The field guide is meant for beginners therefore the language used is non-technical. It features descriptions of 773 species from 37 micro and macro moth families depicted in 156 colour plates. More than 1000 colour photographs of moths have been used. 


Translation of Mangrove Field Guide in Marathi

 After developing the English and Hindi version of this field guide, we completed translating the same in Marathi for United Way Mumbai.