Celebrate Joy of Giving along with Wildlife Week (2-8 October 2019)

Seven ways of Giving Seven Days!

These are group activities which could conducted in most metros and tier-2 cities. A group 15-20 volunteers could make a difference to a place, species and people!

Gift a Butterfly Garden to Needy School


A butterfly garden will make environmental studies more enriching. Also it will boost local butterfly population. To set up a garden, you will just need to plant 250 saplings that butterflies love. 

Gift a set of Wildlife Books to Library


Donating a set of wildlife books to school/college library will ensure the future generations are environmentally literate. Such books are now missing in libraries. A set of 10 books will make the impact. 

Make a Bird Feeder from Recycled Materials


Post monsoon, there is scarcity of food in the urban environment, a good way is to support by developing bird feeders and installing them in their habitats. 

Set up a Pollinator Garden for a Farm


In absence of sustainable agricultural practices, several farms actually harm the local pollinator population. By creating intermittent beds of pollinator plants, will boost agriculture produce of any farm. 

Set up a Kitchen Garden for an Orphanage


 Kitchen Gardens for needy people will help in savings their food cost. 

Lake/ River Clean Up Drive


 Lend a helping hand in cleaning up lakes that need constant maintenance. Post monsoon, several lakes are found in polluted conditions owing to religious immersions. 

Build a Bug Hotel


Make home for those whose homes we are taking away, by clearing wild patches and shrubberies we are affecting the insect population who are main food source of birds.