Volunteers Have Power

Wherever possible we try and capture the impact of volunteering efforts


Check dam Building

 In March 2017, a checkdam was built by 16 employees of DCB Bank in Kharghar Valley, Navi Mumbai. The purpose was to hold the rain runoff from nearby hill streams and arrest soil erosion which otherwise flows away with the rainwater. Also to safeguard the water tank built by the local residents for watering the plants.   Six months later, it was seen that checkdam managed to hold the loose soil which got embedded among the stones. This transformed the checkdam into a grassy barrier as the soil rendered it thoroughly vegetative.   


Tree Tagging

  The volunteers also tagged around 80 trees which were planted by local residents. The tagging was primarily done for educating the visitors  about the trees as well to reduce vandalism. Post event, the local residents reported that visitors have become more concerned for the plants as they realised that somebody has planted the tree and caring for the same. The tags are still intact on the trees