Environmental Employee Volunteering

Habitat Rehabilitation


These are full/half day environmental employee engagement wherein we conduct range of activities such as deweeding, tree plantation, seed collection, making sapling bags and so on. We work with local site partners working in the field of ecology in major cities to provide these opportunities. 

Locations Available: Mumbai, Navi-Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgoan, Pune  

Nature Trail Development


  We organise nature trails in order to spread awareness about the nature. For this, first we identify wilderness sites where nature trails could be developed. This could be a full/half day event depending upon the location. This activity also includes clearing of pathways, placing stones, painting them and planting a hedgeline.    

 Locations Available: Mumbai, Navi-Mumbai, Ahmedabad  

Lake Clean Up


  The theme of these activities are based on Swatch Bharat Mission. We  focuses on cleaning lakes and wilderness sites with the help of employee engagement. These activities can be included in community service  as it benifits the environment. These activities start with the nature trail / lake safari then followed by distribution of the tools. The participants than works in groups and collects the plastic waste in and around the lake 

Location: Chennai, Pune, Kolkatta, Hyderabad, Gurgaon.

Making Bird Shelters


  This activity starts with birdwatching trail followed by collecting  grasses, twigs and leaves for making bird's nest. It is generally a half day programme. Volunteers build nest boxes also from waste bottles and cans. These are then installed at the site where local birds could use them.  

Locations Available: Mumbai, Navi-Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgoan, Pune

Workshop-Kitchen Gardening


 Kitchen gardening is a half day indoor activity wherein we provide orientation as well as hands on training to participants on development of a kitchen garden. They also prepare planters out of waste bottles. The activity is held in groups, where each group prepares a sample pot. We conduct a quiz at the end and give vegetable seed packets to the winners. 

Locations Available: Mumbai, Navi-Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgoan, Pune 

Building Checkdams


 Based on the theme of water conservation this activity identify sites which could benefit from development of checkdams or contour bunding. Through this method, water is held in a location for longer duration thus aiding ground water table recharge. This is  a laborious work and offered in Navi Mumbai & Pune exclusively. It is usually conducted before monsoon i.e.during summer. 

Locations Available:  Navi-Mumbai, Pune 

Natural Home - Bug Hotel


This is a half day programme which involves a nature  trail where participants will be collecting grasses, twigs and leaves for building the bug hotel . Thereafter they will be building the bug hotel in the garden or the forested area where the insects could use them could use them. 

Locations Available: Mumbai, Ahmedabad

Green Wall for Office


This is a half day workshop that could be held in the office premises. The workshop starts with a short introductory session on making of the green wall, its tips, maintenance and care. This is then followed by making of the green wall  in group.

Locations Available: Mumbai, Bangalore

Floating Wetlands


Floating wetlands are man-made structures which are when released in polluted lakes, helps in restoring the health of the water body. This could be done by using plastic tubes, ropes and mesh which are embedded with aquatic plants and then released into the water body. This could be a half day activity. 

Locations: Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad

Food Farming


 Today, urban folks are generally cut off from nature in their day to day life. Since ancient times, farming and growing one’s own food has been a default part of every single person’s life. But circumstances have rendered it impossible for modern urban lives to have this direct connection with their food and mother earth. Join us on the journey to reconnect with mother nature through a sustainable, fun and natural way – urban organic food gardening!!  

Plantation For Birds


The welfare of birds is intimately linked to the quality of food and shelter found in their habitats. As urbanization is increasing the natural habitats is disappearing, native plants can go a long way to restoring the habitats the birds need. Wildlife gardens are increasingly popular, and you don’t need acres of land to encourage birds to feed and nest in your garden – simply plant varieties they love! 

Impact of Employee Volunteering

Check dam Building


 This March, a checkdam was built by 16 employees of DCB Bank in Kharghar Valley, Navi Mumbai. The purpose was to hold the rain runoff from nearby hill streams and arrest soil erosion which otherwise flows away with the rainwater. Also to safeguard the water tank built by the local residents for watering the plants.   Now in November, it could be seen that checkdam managed to hold the loose soil which got embedded among the stones. This transformed the checkdam into a grassy barrier as the soil rendered it thoroughly vegetative.  

Tree Tagging


The volunteers also tagged around 80 trees which were planted by local residents. The tagging was primarily done for educating the visitors  about the trees as well to reduce vandalism. Post event, the local residents reported that visitors have become more concerned for the plants as they realised that somebody has planted the tree and caring for the same. The tags are still intact on the trees