Professional Development in Environment

First Time in India

This is a new initiative of Ladybird Environmental Consulting for professional development of environmental professionals. We have planned a series of day long management workshops which are aimed at training for professionals from entrepreneurial, environmental and educational sectors. This is our way of sharing our knowledge and skills that we picked up during our entrepreneurial journey.  Check out our themes. 

 Entrepreneurial Workshops

Social Entreprenureship: A tool kit on starting, running and managing of a social enterprise. The workshop is mixture of brainstorming, group work, presentations, case studies and more. At the end of the workshop, participants get to carry back a basic framework for their individual enterprises. 

Fundraising:  A step by step guidance on raising funds from people, organizations and programmes. Push and pull methods are demonstrated well through case studies. Participants get to develop a customized fundraising plan for their organizations along the list of potential funding agencies. 

Grant writing:  Learn how to write effective proposals. The workshop engages its participants in live writing sessions to develop a draft proposal by end of the workshop. They get its writing style and presentation style validated by batch mates. 

Environmental CSR:   Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been an excellent tool for doing social good. Learn about the Company Act 2014, understand how to design, execute and evaluate environmental projects and how attract CSR funds. 

Project Management:   Learn to manage small or big, simple or complex projects through simple planning techniques and apps. Here the devil is surely in the details, learn how to break complex tasks into similar and measurable tasks. Participants will be get to develop a sample project management plan. 

Brand building & Online Marketing:   How to make a brand out of what you got...knowledge, skill, talent...and more. Learn the right ways to create buzz and a brand.  A better brand is easier to sell. Learn the tricks of online marketing without overwhelming your customers. Create a branding & marketing primer by end of the workshop. 

Environmental Workshops

Habitat Restoration:  Learn how to transform a barren land in to a forest in shortest timespan. The workshop includes outdoor and indoor components with discussion on case studies. 

Biodiversity Gardens: Learn to create gardens that attract birds, bees, butterflies and bats. Get to know about the plants that creates the magic. Understand a bit about landscaping. This includes field visit. 

Essentials of Lepidoptera:  Learn how to identify butterflies and moths in the field. Use simple techniques to understand respective families. This includes outdoor and indoor sessions. 

Volunteer Management:  Its all about inspiring someone to join your cause. The workshop will show the right way of attracting, rewarding and retaining volunteers. 

Research Projects:   Learn about basic elements of a research project. The workshop will touch upon topics such as hypothesis, field methods, data analysis and so on. It will include indoor and outdoor sessions. 

Lake Restoration:  Get to learn about water bodies and what measures need to be undertaken to revive them. This includes field as well classroom sessions. 

Educational Workshops

Online Courses: Learn basic skills on designing of online courses. Understand the platforms and content development process. Participants will get to design a sample course. 

Education Material Development:  If you are educator, you ought master the skills of developing content for your audience. Understand the process of content development, designing and publishing. 

Communicating Science:  Science is a complex subject and it need to taught in simple manner. The workshop deals with nuances of communication where verbal and non-verbal modes are used.  

Nature Trail Development:  The workshop will throw light on how to transform a wild setting into a nature trail. This will include actual practicals in the field coupled with classroom sessions. 

Nature Interpretation Centres:  Learn about the basic elements of  a nature education centre. Participants get to design a virtual nature education centre during the workshop. 

Scientific Writing:  Learn how to write scientific papers and reports. The workshop will provide guidelines and templates for paper writing.  Participants will be encouraged to write a sample paper. 

Workshop on Social Good & CSR

Date       : 2 December 2018

Location: Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

Time       : 10 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

Fee         : Rs. 750/- plus taxes

 CSR is an effective tool to bring societal change by creating social good. The workshop is designed to build a better understanding of CSR and clarity on the focus areas that are supported under CSR. Through the sessions, participants will learn the technique of developing CSR projects and sourcing the funds. This is one of its kind workshop which is suitable to nonprofit professionals, teachers and entrepreneurs. 

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