Shri Jayeshwar Vidyamandir, Dengachimet, Jawhar, Maharashtra

Shri Jayeshwar Vidyamandir, Dengachimet, Jawhar, Maharashtra

Location: Shri Jayeshwar Vidyamandir, Dengachimet, Jawhar, Maharashtra

Area: 0.56 acre

Project Duration: 2015-2017

Corporate Partner: Tata Motors Ltd.


Site Partner:  Chatrapati Shikshan Mandal Santha, Kalyan

This butterfly habitat was created in Jawhar where we chose a tribal school grounds for implementation of the project. We planted 10000 saplings in 7 different plots of the school ground in first instance and 1500 saplings in the second year(see before and after images). This was the most challenging site for us as the land was dry, degraded and rocky. We created trenches which were enriched by soil and manure. In rocky areas we created elevated plant beds. We also conducted assessment to review the for health of plants and increase in butterfly sightings twice a year. We have also conducted teacher training programmes and nature trails for students where they learnt how to study butterflies in their habitats during our visits.

UPDATES: Before the establishment of the butterfly habitat there were no butterflies that we sighted in the school premises but and after the establishment we recorded 16 butterfly species which has now increased to 24 (March 2017) butterfly species. During our review visit in March 2017 we observed that the habitat has been fully established and the plants have started regenerating on its own. Hence there was 0% mortality rate of the plants.

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July 12, 2016

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