Nature Trail Development

Nature Trail Development

Having trekked the wild paths of the country at length and breadth, we have developed good sense of how engaging a nature trail should be. We have the knack of identifying interesting pathways amidst wilderness with engaging point of interests. We could design nature trails for every age group from lighter to strenuous trails. We also specialize in development of trail signages of various designs and materials.

In the past our founder Dr. V. Shubhalaxmi has been instrumental in developing nature trails at BNHS Nature Reserve in Goregaon as well as Nature Park of Navi Mumbai where she conceptualized the entire master plan of the Nature Park. She is currently being consulted by CIDCO on nature trail development in Kharghar and Belapur.

We are in process of developing nature trails at the Sliding Stone Tree Park (Jarakbande Kaval Reserve Forest) at Bangalore with help of CSR funds. We aim to develop five nature trails, alongwith a self-guided nature trail brochure. We will also provide training to local youths to becomeĀ  nature guides.We have already developed a small trail inside Urban Haat, CBD Belapur wherein we conduct regular nature walks.

If you are interested in developing a self-guided nature trail at your site, please contact us.


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July 18, 2016

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