Birdwing Field Guide to Common Moths of India

Birdwing Field Guide to Common Moths of India

India’s first field guide on Indian Moths will be soon available in stores. The field guide features descriptions of 712 species of moths from 35 families depicted on 135 colour plates. More than 1000 colour photographs with male and female of some of species. The text include species description, biology, range, flight period. For first common names have been coined for most of moth species.  Introductory chapters include Introduction, Moth Studies ,Distribution,Taxonomy,Moth Behaivour,Moth defenses,Breeding biology,Economic importance, Moth watching, Gardening for Moths and Moth Photography

•    Format: Paperback
•    Size: 18x 11 cm
•    Pages: 400
•    Price: Rs.1500/-
•    Publication Date: Will be announced

We will be announcing prepublication offer soon.

About Author
Dr. V.Shubhalaxmi has been aptly known as Moth lady since the time she started studying moths way back in 1993. She was the only female to pursue moths when most of lepidopterists were enchanted with butterflies. Under the guidance of her visionary guide Late Naresh Chaturvedi she studied moths of Sanjay Gandhi National Park for her masters as well as doctoral degree. In 2004, She initiated long term moth studied wherein she survey Western Ghats and northeastern parts of the country. This field guide is the hardwork of painstaking 13 years she had putting together the puzzle on moths.



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January 10, 2017

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