Butterfly Park at HPCL

Butterfly Park at HPCL

Location: Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd (HPCL) Refinery, Mahul , Mumbai

Area: 0.77 acre

Project Duration: 2016-2017

Corporate & Site Partner: HPCL

We are in a process of establishing our first butterfly park in a very hostile environment such as refinery.  This seems to be a challenge but we are hopeful to get butterflies with corrective habitat enhancement measures planned in the project. Around 3000 saplings will be planted. We have teamed up with our knowledge partner Urmila Rajadhakshak who is a landscape architect. We will design the nature trails, have educational installations for public engagement, develop signages and butterfly resting sites. We will also develop a butterfly park brochure which will help a visitor to have a self-guided tour. Our initial butterfly survey showed three species of butterflies we are hopeful these numbers will go high once the project is implemented. We are excited to embark on this exciting project which if successful will become a hallmark of butterfly conservation.


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July 12, 2016

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