We Help People to Help the Environment!

“Lets try to leave the Earth a better place than when you arrived.”


We are Ladybirds! We are trailblazers ! We are eco-techies…..established in 2014 as Limited Liability Company, we came into business only to help people in helping environment. Therefore we believe in being agents of change, challenge status quo and innovate to serve environment effectively.

We are specialists in environmental CSR(corporate social responsibility) and nature conservation. We exclusively work with largely listed companies and government departments.

Not to go by our age, within our team we have a cumulative wisdom of 75 years! In a short journey of two and a half  years we have earned 22 clients (13 corporate, 5 Govt., 4 NGOs) and 19 partners. Through our outreach programmes we have reached out to more than 5500 people. So far we implemented 67 programmes and 12 projects and this resulted into 12 butterfly habitats/gardens/park wherein we planted 52778 saplings, four nature based mobile apps and three major trainings for forest departments! And guess what…we are still tireless, restless and unstoppable.

So, if you are looking for environmentalists donning academic feather on their business managerial cap, then we fit the bill.


Our Circle of Influence






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Our Vision

To help people to help Environment.



To offer services in resolving, restoring and rejuvenating environmental problems through private public partnerships.

Our Business Model

We use bottom up approach by identifying an environmental need as well solutions. Then we identify a community that will be benefit when we fulfill/resolve the issue. To institutionalize we find a Govt./NGO partner who believes in our cause and extends their support. We then make a proposal and pitch it to corporate for CSR funds. This approach makes our projects multi-pronged and multi-stakeholder centered.


  1. 2014 – 2015

    • Won AEIF Award Developed three mobile apps (iTrees, iButterflies, iNaturewatch Birds)
    • Established three butterfly habitats in Mumbai and Jawhar
    • Conducted two training programmes of ecotourism and landscape management for forest dept.

  2. 2015 – 2016

    • Launched Online Course on Gardening for Wildlife
    • Conducted Lepidoptera training for forest dept.
    • Established fourth butterfly habitat in Navi Mumbai
    • Won Green CSR Award Launch of eForestrails-SGNP mobile app
    • Paper presentation in MIT LINC 2016 Conference
    • Established fifth butterfly habitat in Bangalore

  3. 2016 – 2017

    • Establishment of sixth butterfly habitat in Navi Mumbai
    • Representing Advisory Council of CSR Day Congress 2017
    • Established seventh Butterfly habitat at Tata Serein, Thane
    • Established eight Butterfly habitat at Sacred Heart High School, Vashi
    • Established ninth Butterfly habitat at NASEOH, Chembur.
    • Birdwing Publishers got its first product out – Butterfly Stickers.
    • Butterfly Awareness Programme at Bangalore Habitat.
    • LEC won the global design competition for the makeover of the Maharashtra Nature Park.

  4. 2017 – 2018

    • Development of Mangrove Field Guide through Birdwing Publishers

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Ladybird Environmental Consulting LLP



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