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Kitchen Gardening and Composting

There is no greater pleasure than growing your own food and having it too. We offer kitchen gardening and composting workshops inside office premises wherein employees could either set up a kitchen garden inside the offices or at their homes. Our sessions includes tips on establishing a kitchen garden, Calendar of vegetables & fruits, demonstration on manure Preparation, Demonstration on usage of garden tools, Hands-on with making of sapling pot, Tips on taking care of plants and Calculate your Foodprint.

Check out our previous workshops here and contact us if you wish to plan one.


Workshop on Pollinator’s Garden

Love your veggies and fruits? Do you love the pollinators too who made this possible in first place….yes we need to thank bees, butterflies and birds for their selfless pollinating services. As gratitude you could create a pollinator’s garden and help them flourish.
This is a 3-4 hour module to orient participants on gardening for bees, butterflies and birds. It includes demonstrations, hands on group activity and interactive fun sessions on various aspects of gardening for pollinators such as making a bird feeder, bee house and so on. Everything that is required in setting up one’s own pollinator’s garden either on a window sill, balcony or terrace, we will provide all knowledge and skills. Alternatively corporate employees could volunteer to develop such a garden for a school or an NGO.
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Check out our previous workshops here and contact us if you wish to plan one.

Gardening for Wildlife

This is new concept wherein we are promoting wildlife spaces within existing gardens or on to create one. We provide tips on how to attract butterflies, bees and birds to your gardens. These topmost pollinators of our agricultural crops, by providing space for them we are strengthening our food security.

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Aquarium Fish Keeping

It has been proven having a pet at home develops better emotional intelligence among children and provides a distressing activity for adults. Owing to our hectic lifestyles and small homes, many are unable to do have a pets at their place. However keeping a small fish aquarium could provide same benefits as having cats and dogs. We provide hands-on training on establishing an aquarium with
inputs on species of fishes to be used and how to take care of the same. These sessions could be held at your office premises.

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Making Nest Boxes and Feeders

As an extension of our module-gardening for wildlife, we offer hands on sessions on making nest boxes and feeders for house sparrows. We recycle waste items to build these structures which could be then installed in your gardens. Providing such spaces for wildlife is going one step further in enhancing urban habitats. These sessions could be held at your office premises.
Contact us if you are planning a session with us.

Contact us if you wish to book a session with us.



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