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Tree Plantation

Plantation for Bees, Butterflies & Birds

We believe plantations that support pollinators and pest controllers benefit humans as well as local biodiversity. Pollinators play an important role in the country’s economy. More than one of every three bites of food we eat or beverages we drink are directly because of pollinators.

About 75% our crops are pollinated by animals. Worldwide, there is an alarming decline in pollinator populations. Excessive use of pesticides and an ever-expanding conversion of landscapes to human use are the biggest culprits. We could help by providing a diverse assortment of flowering plants and encourage native species in your landscape with minimal usage of pesticides.

So we propose a plantation for birds bees and butterflies as they are health indicators of macro habitats. These plantation include a mix of trees, shrubs, herbs including climbers. The plan is to develop mini-sanctuaries for wildlife within cities.

We implement our tree plantation projects with four main objectives;

  • Increase in green cover,
  • Enhancement of urban biodiversity,
  • Engagement of employees during plantation and maintenance works
  • Conducting pollinator awareness programmes for local schools.

We partner with Govt. bodies, NGOs, Educational institutions whoever has a land to provide for the plantation and benefits from establishment of a pollinator habitats. While the corporate invests in establishing the pollinator habitats, the site partners provide safety and maintenance. This makes a classic case of Public Private Partnership and we are happy to be the facilitators.

Based on this model, we have successfully established butterfly spaces of varying sizes. Based on number of plants planted in a plot and features built into it, we designate them as Butterfly Habitat (>1000 saplings), Butterfly Garden (<1000 saplings) and Butterfly Parks (landscaped spaces and have signage installed).

So far we have developed seven butterfly spaces wherein we planted 30100 saplings in four butterfly habitats and two butterfly gardens in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Jawahar and Bangalore.

Check out our Tree Plantation Project for Butterflies

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