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I am very proud to have known Dr. Shubhalaxmi since 2009 when she was a distinguished Humphrey Fellow at Boston University. Since those days I have been continually inspired and impressed by her energy, talent, enthusiasm and constant will and determination to make the world a better place. As someone who studies and teaches about leadership and leading positive change, Dr. Shubha is a clear and wonderful role model who exemplifies so many of the characteristics and behaviors we can only hope to see in global leaders across all domains today. Since her return to India, I have asked her to speak each semester to our undergraduate students in Boston studying leadership, a class session that is always the most highly rated session of the year where students find her authenticity and clarity of
values and vision to be remarkable and inspiring; as a teacher, I find her visits both humbling and powerful. She is an incredibly knowledgeable, deep, creative thinker who is able to gracefully marshal and move resources to consistently achieve her objectives and stated goals. This extraordinary set of skills and capabilities is only complemented and further enhanced by her warm, sincere, caring personality. She is, quite frankly, a wonderful and amazing person to work with! I am excited by her leadership of The Ladybird Environmental Consulting social enterprise and am completely confident in her continued success with this admirable and important work.

Dr. Jack McCarthy

Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and Director of the Executive Development Roundtable, Boston University School of Management

I have known Shubhalaxmi during a brief period in 2006-07, when I was holding joint charge of Film City and Maharashtra Tourism Development Corpration (MTDC). She conceptualized two projects of developing educations exhibits at MTDC resorts for tourists at Malshej Ghat and Mahableshwar. I found her committed and hardworking to the cause. Now as I learn about her social enterprise, I feel she is undertaking a very interesting assignment. It has got immense potential and her expertise will certainly bring in remarkable inputs. I wish her and her team my best wishe

Mr. Bhushan Gagrani

IAS,Chief Executive Officer,Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC)

“I would like to share how Dr.Shubhalaxmi’s training has helped me to guide our organisation. Before this training our organisation have to face many problems due to lack of management skills and knowledge. But after training the changes are: Things that i have done to make my house in order-
1. We have now our own website, which we created just after attending Imphal Workshop.
2. Develop new profile of our organisation with mottos, clear objectives and mission, a profile that grant agencies have to appreciate.
3.Applied for a small project, prepared project proposal by myself which i have learned from the training manual and assignments.”

Jinu Pathak

Green Environment Task Force (GETF),www.greenenvironmet.in (a participant of AEIF 2012)

“Dr. Shubha’s capacity development program for environmental NGOs was an excellent initiative. Her continuous guidance and training helped us to nurture and fulfil the mission of our organisation. Our organisation, YUVA Foundation, is now strong in terms of volunteer engagement, management policies, media relations and grant opportunities. This could not be done without her support. The training program and her excellent work helped us to create a strong base and reach the desired goals. We wish her best of luck for her future programs and work.”

Mr. Achal Garg

Manager, Volunteer Engagement YUVA Foundation (a participant of AEIF 2012)

While I was the Park Director, Sanjay Gandhi National Park, I met Shubhalaxmi, I found her dynamic, dedicated, professional and admired her skills in managing the BNHS’s Conservation Education Centre. She has necessary skills, experience and attitude to make conservation education effective I wish her best of luck for her new endeavor.

Mr.Sunil Limaye

Chief Conservator of Forests,(Wildlife), Pune.

“Dr. Shubhalaxmi has been one of high performing managers and served the organization for close to 21 years. She joined BNHS in 1993 as Administrative Officer and grew to a position of Deputy Director. She is good educator as well as administrator who was managing our Conservation Education Centres in Mumbai and New Delhi.
She is a problem solver who has worked way to success on complicated projects. She has mentored several volunteers and interns who have benefited from her knowledge on natural history and education. I found her to be dedicated and hardworking person who was full of innovative ideas. I wish her all the best for her new endeavors.”

Dr. Asad Rahmani

Director, BNHS-India

“Our association with Dr. Shubhalaxmi started with the MDP for eNGOs organised in Bangalore in which me and my colleague Hari attended and we benefited immensely on improving our personal and organisational efficiency and effectiveness. Further to that, we were successful in jointly organising another similar workshops for the environmental NGOs in Kerala at Kottayam with the co-operation of Kerala Social Service Forum. After this, even though we have not been in direct touch, we have been in constant communication through the mails Dr. Shubha has been sending on the engos mailing group. She has been very proactive in sending over information regarding call for proposals, relevant good quality reading materials, sharing success stories etc. All these has helped us to steadily grow and improve ourselves to move one step above the other. Now that she has started her own company, we believe that it will give her the opportunity to live out her dream and vision fully and we wish her the best”.

Mr. Renjan Mathew Varghese

State Director, WWF-India, Kerala State Office (a participant of AEIF 2012)

“I am happy to provide my testimonial for Dr. Shubhalaxmi. I have known Dr. Shubhalaxmi (Shubha) since 2009, the beginning of the Humphrey Fellowship year at Boston University. Shubha impressed me and all of my colleagues who worked with her as one of the most talented, hardworking, and remarkably organized people we have ever met. In my 24 years of working as the Director of the Program at BU, I have rarely met any Fellow who combines the ability to gain new knowledge with the capacity to implement it in the most efficient way. Dr. Shubhalaxmi is truly devoted to educating people on the environment, and has a special gift to deal with adults, youth, and kids. She is an exceptional educator, a very efficient manager, and a true visionary. I am convinced that Dr. Shubhalaxmi is able to achieve any goal she sets for herself and her organization.”

Dr. Ksenya Khinchuk

Director, Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program, Boston University School of Management

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